To celebrate the launch of my debut EP ‘How Well Do You Know This Place’ I will be planting a tree for everyone who follows me on Instagram or Spotify this week. Read on for details.

Myself and the team are planting trees with Enviral through and planting trees myself in the New Forest. We will show evidence of the trees being planted later in June.

I’ve always loved and found peace in nature. It’s my main source of creative inspiration and when i’m feeling lost it’s in the ocean, forests and mountains that I find solace. I feel lucky to be on this beautiful planet, yet our species has been destroying it at an increasingly alarming rate since the industrial revolution, and here we are at crisis point. Nobody’s perfect, but I believe at the very least we all need to take steps to minimise our environmental footprint, and be conscious that our consumer choices aren’t causing unnecessary harm to animals, people and the natural world around us. 

To do my part, I pledge to do the following:

  • Plant 5 trees for every gig played

  • Plant 20 trees for every flight taken

  • Play free of charge at charity events in 2019 *paid travel to events

  • Monthly giving back mission

  • Usage of music free of charge to environmental charities in use of content *must be during 2019, must sign contract before usage

  • To continue to eat a plant-based diet, as i have been doing for the past 10 years

  • To minimise my use of single use plastic

The trees will primarily be planted in Nepal, Madagascar, Kenya, Indonesia, Mozambique and Haiti, with some being planted in the New Forest in the U.K. The trees planted are native specifies which varies from nation to nation, aiming to have the most effective carbon sequestration and least amount of harm on the local biodiversity. 

Ts & Cs

Myself and my team are going to be planting trees via Eden Projects. We will be running the campaign to launch my new EP from Monday 3rd June until Friday 7th June. To avoid follow / unfollowing we will plant 1 tree per follow on Spotify / Instagram on Friday 14th June. This doesn’t count the 1090 followers existing on Instagram on Sunday 2nd June.

For more information on the climate crisis and some charities doing great things, check out -  /  /